VisNow is an open-source dataflow driven modular visual data analysis platform with extensive data processing and scientific visualization capabilities. Written entirely in Java serves as an alternative to other existing generic visualization platforms. It is easily extendable to incorporate new modules and module libraries.

Choose your operating system to download the installer.

Current release



For installation execute

WARNING! If you cannot execute the downloaded file set file permissions for execution
with chmod 755


For installation execute VisNow-1.4.0-windows-x64-installer.exe

WARNING! If you wish to install VisNow for all users (in the Program Files folder) you need to run the installer with administrator privileges. Right-click the installer and choose ‘Run as administrator‘. Otherwise, you need to install into a user-writable folder.


For installation mount image VisNow-1.4.0-macos-installer.dmg on your system by double-clicking it and run VisNow-1.4.0-osx-installer application on the mounted image.

This version supports macOS 10.8 (Moutain Lion) and newer.

Previous releases

For VisNow versions prior to v1.4.0 go to this page.