VisNow and other related projects are supported and developed by the members of community and their affiliated institutions.

We are a group of people that believe in scientific visualization and the role of proper tools for data visualization and visual exploration.

Formally, is a Non-Government Organisation (NGO) registered in Poland as an ordinary association, under the name “Scientific Visualization Association” (registered on 10 Jan 2020 in the Ordinary Associations Evidence of the President of Warsaw under entry #628).

Currently, the head representative of the association is dr Krzysztof Nowiński.

The main goals of association are:

  • promoting scientific visualization methods,
  • development and dissemination of open visualization software,
  • development of domain-specific applications of visualization methods, in particular in the field of medicine and biomedicine association achieves its goals through:

  • building a community of visualization software developers and users,
  • maintaining web portals devoted to scientific visualization and open visualization software,
  • undertaking programming activities for the development of open-source visualization tools,
  • conducting training in the field of scientific visualization and the use of visualization software,
  • promoting the activities of the association at events and conferences.

If you wish to contribute to our projects and would like to co-develop VisNow with us – feel free to do so on GitLab, or contact us directly at info(at)

If you are a visualization software user or developer believing in our goals, and you wish to become a member of our society – let us know at info(at)

If you wish to contribute by supporting the society financially, you can make a donation to:

Stowarzyszenie Wizualizacji Naukowej
ul. Bernardyńska 3/52, 02-904 Warszawa
Santander Bank Polska S.A.
IBAN: PL28109010430000000144363701